Youth Aid Panel

The Strasburg Borough Police Department is continually pursuing initiatives that can better serve our community.  It is with that in mind, the Strasburg Borough Police Department partnered with the Lancaster County Youth Aid Panel (YAP), a diversionary program for youth under the supervision of the District Attorney's Office. 

YAP is an alternative method for addressing juvenile criminal actions.  The panel exists to assist juveniles alleged of committing first-time summary and misdemeanor offenses.  The panel is not a court of law and does not determine guilt or innocence.  The offense is reviewed and resolved by a specially designed community panel made up of concerned citizens of various backgrounds who volunteer their time, the young offender and his/her parents or guardians.  YAP finds solutions to better deal with each juvenile as an individual and help them avoid the juvenile justice system in the future. 

For more information about the program please click on the link below.