Theft From Vehicles

On Monday, 07/06/2015, the Strasburg Borough Police Department received more than a dozen calls for theft from vehicles that occurred sometime over the previous night. The thefts were concentrated to the south side of Main St., ranging across South Jackson St., Hillcrest Ave., South Decatur St., Book Flower Lane, and Beddington Lane. There were two incidents reported from the Garden Spot Heights Development. All of the vehicles entered were unlocked and no damage was done to them. The main item taken from the vehicles was cash. There were a few reports of missing GPS units and there was a missing purse.

We at the police department would urge all readers to take a proactive position on these types of crimes by not leaving valuables in your vehicles, and by all means KEEP YOUR VEHICLES LOCKED!

If you have any information about this spree of thefts, please contact the Strasburg Borough Police.