SRPD K-9 Unit

The Southern Regional Police K9 Unit is no longer in service after the decision to retire Canine Train in July of 2017.  Canine Train proudly served our community for 7 plus years and we thank him for his service and thank Officer Carter for her service as a canine handler.  Officer Carter remains at the SRPD as a Patrol Officer.  She purchased Canine Train from the department and he will enjoy retirement life with her and her family.  

The southern Regional K9 program was established in October 2009 to augment police services to the community. The K9 team is made up of Officer K9 Train and his handler and partner, Officer Carter.

K9’s have a superior sense of smell and hearing this along with the K9’s physical capabilities, the trained law enforcement K9 is a valuable asset to the Southern Regional Police Department.

The K9 team operates on a county-wide basis and is used predominately for high-risk area, tracking suspects and building searches. The K9 team is also trained to detect narcotic substances.

The K9 assists police in the apprehension of suspects at or near crime scenes and to provide protection and/or back-up for line officers when possible and practical. The K9 can locate narcotic substances.

Generally a K-9 team will be applied as a sophisticated tool to enhance the capabilities of patrol or other units at a crime scene.

Our K9 is nationally certified and had attended Nation training above and beyond what is required. The K9 team attended a four week training academy at Castles K9 and continues to train with other teams no less than 16 hours a month.

The K9 program is funded exclusively by donation from our community.  In addition to accepting donations from citizens and businesses, the K9 program utilizes several fundraisers a year including T-shirt sales and an annual Chicken Barbeque.   Information will be made available on this website and our facebook page on any fundraising activities.

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