Be a good neighbor: See something; Say something!

Now that the weather is changing and people are back to enjoying the outdoors in our two parks and walking about the borough, be a good neighbor and report to the police anything that you believe to be suspicious or illegal activity.  SEE SOMETHING; SAY SOMETHING!

Of course, if you see or are involved in an emergency call 911.

If you see something that looks like it may be illegal, the second fasted way to report this to the police is by calling the non-emergency police dispatch number of 717-664-1180

(I recommend that you enter this number into your cell phone as a favorite for easy access for something that is not an emergency but needs prompt police attention.)

A very important point: Never approach someone you think is engaged in illegal activity.  Call one of the two numbers above for a police response. 

In an additional effort to better collaborate with the community, the Quarryville Borough Police Department is asking all businesses and residents with surveillance camera systems to register with the police department.  Access to video following a crime can be the difference in solving the crime or not.  To register your camera with the police department, please click Here

This is strictly a voluntary registry that does not give the police department access to or control over your surveillance system.  It would simply allow us to contact you in the event that a crime was committed at or near your location in an attempt to determine if there is any video footage that may be helpful in the investigation.

Thank you for your help in keeping Quarryville Borough a wonderful place to live and visit.


Chief Clark Bearinger

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