Right-to-Know Request Form

Pennsylvania Right To Know Act

Under the Pennsylvania Right to Know Act, Act 3 of 2008 (signed February 14, 2008) allows for access to documents statutorily defined as “public records” and specifically exempts certain documents from release. There are certain exemptions provided to Law Enforcement under this Act. The Northern Lancaster County Regional Police Department has a procedure in place for individuals to make request for records as well as an adopted fee schedule for obtaining records. Please utilize the NLCRPD Right to Know Request Form when making your request. All requests should be sent to the attention of Sergeant William D. Leighty, Administrative Sergeant in charge of records.

Please enter a valid ten-digit phone number (e.g. 999-999-9999)
Provide as much specific detail as possible so the agency can identify the information.
Please note that you must keep the emailed version of this request in order to file an appeal. Any fees associated with the duplication of requested records must be paid in full upon receipt of the Invoice. You must note in the Records Requested field how you would like to receive your request – examples: Mail, Fax, Email or Pick-up – please indicate full mailing address, fax number or full email address.