Warwick Township - Skyview Lane at East Newport Road. NLCRPD patrols are dispatched to this location for debris on the roadway. Motorists are encouraged to approach the area with caution. 

Closure between Rothsville Road and Ballstown Road on Warwick Road. Warwick Road is reduced to less than one lane with a closure due to a tree limb down on the roadway. This wind related damage will be cleared within the next thirty minute by the Warwick Township Public Works Department. Restoration of normal traffic flow is estimated by no later that 09:15 Hours.

Around the date of 3/26/2020 a burglary occurred on Graystone Road in East Petersburg during which the residential furnace system with evaporator coil was stolen.  Taken was:


Make: Amana

Model: AMES920603BN

Serial number: 1909001373

Evaporator Coil:

Model: JG32136D175B1601AP

Serial number: S7119H03923

The NLCRPD Bicycle Patrol Unit begins seasonal operations today. The Officers assigned to this specialized patrol function wear an easily recognizable distinctive uniform designed for officer comfort and safety. These patrols will be deployed periodically on the rail trail network, housing developments, shopping complexes, commercial district and within all townships and boroughs within the NLCRPD jurisdiction

Effective today, you may see your NLCRPD officers wearing either surgical masks or nonmedical face coverings while in public. Certain exemptions may apply to this requirement based upon current recommendations in adhering to guidelines provided by the medical advisory groups and public health experts.

There have been many changes in policing over the past decade. One of the largest impacts has been the use of social media in communication with the public by police agencies. During this period of the “Stay at Home” order, it is obvious the public has turned to the use of law enforcement web sites to stay informed on the most current situation in their community. The graphic depiction in this release provides evidence of the increased use of the platform.

Stay Safe, Stay Involved, Stay Informed.

Parks in Clay Township, Penn Township, Warwick Township, and East Petersburg Boroughs have restrictions concerning use of the facilities at the parks. There are postings regulating the utilization of playground equipment, sports courts, skate parks, and basketball courts. These prohibitions include areas of potential COVID 19 transmission and close contact conduct. Trails, rail trails, and other recreational park features are generally unaffected.

The NLCRPD has posted results of calls from the public related to business compliance with the Governors Executive Order 

NLCRPD officers wear a distinctive daily uniform in the day to day operations of the department. The uniform has specific regular care recommendations to assure appearance standards and extension of the life of the uniform. Some of these include a dry-cleaning requirement. As a result of Governor Wolf’s recent mandate on business closures and restrictions; it is expected that all dry-cleaning and uniform tailoring services will be closed until further notice.

Citizens are encouraged to use telephone reporting. rather than going to NLCRPD Headquarters or sub-stations to file reports. Telephone reports may be made by calling (717) 733-0965, Daily, 8 a.m. – 4 p.m. (excluding holidays). A NLCRPD officer will be available to connect to your call for incident reporting. This service also assists the LCWC 911 Center by providing a decrease in calls for service during the current operational period.

All NLCRPD non-essential employees are working remotely during this period and NLCRPD administrative offices are closed until further notice .