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The NLCRPD filed charges of theft against CARL L. SCHAFER for the alleged theft of key fobs from vehicles belonging to the Manheim Auto Auction. The value of the key-fobs is placed at $1,250.00.
The NLCRPD filed additional criminal charges of RAPE against BRADLEY TREVOR WIMER after another victim came forward to report the incident. According to the victim, who was 18 years of age at the time, met WIMER on the internet in 2012. According to the investigation, the victim decided to met...
Old Photograph from 2012. Currently has facial hair
DANIEL ETHAN ROTE is being charged with possession of a controlled substance which is suspected Heroin, a Schedule I controlled substance. Manheim Auto Auction security alerted members of the NLCRPD that possible illegal drug activity was taking place at an udisclosed location at the Manheim Auto...
CLAYDE DEAN MARTIN-MARTIN, age 24, was charged for his involvement with the theft of an undiclosed amount of cash from a building between the dates of 1/14/2015 and 4/2/2015.