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Chargers were filed against a subject identified as Michael E. Arellano, age 45 of 432 West Marion Street, Lititz following a traffic stop on the afternoon of April 29, 2015. This stop occurred after Arellano, who was driving a 2003 Pontiac Aztec, narrowly missed a collision with a marked Lititz...

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A 13 year old female faces charges related to the assault of an instructor at a facility located in the 1700 block of West Newport Road in Penn Township. The female was charged following the investigation into the April 16, 2015 incident that left the instructor with an injury to their arm that...

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The NLCRPD filed charges against a 14 year old juvenile male for possession of drug paraphernalia. Police were summoned to the residence of the juvenile male after his mother observed paraphernalia in his room.
The NLCRPD filed charges of DUI against JOHNNY JOSEF MAYNARD after a traffic stop was conducted in the 300 block of S. Main Street, Manheim.
The NLCRPD filed charges of theft against CARL L. SCHAFER for the alleged theft of key fobs from vehicles belonging to the Manheim Auto Auction. The value of the key-fobs is placed at $1,250.00.