NLCRPD Reminds Users of Alarm Systems of Possible Fines


Do you have a home or business security alarm system?  Be aware that certain NLCRPD municipalities impose fines for the response of Police Officers to false alarm calls, see the below information for more details and links for review. 

The Northern Lancaster County Regional Police Department (NLCRPD) receives NO funding or fees (fine monies) from actions related to the administration of the False Alarm Process.

The NLCRPD is by codified ordinance the designated administrator of the process related to the tracking and notice of alarm response, the imposition of fees pursuant to the codified ordinance, and the administration of the alarm process for the municipal entity.  As an essential part of this process; any incurred fees are submitted to the NLCRPD for timely distribution back to the municipality.  

SEE THE "Alarm Registration Form" for detailed information - this form is located in the drop-down menu at the top of this webpage.   Alarm users are encouraged to register their alarm systems with the NLCRPD, the Lancaster County-wide Communications Center and any other notification entity.  Your alarm system provider should guide you through this process. 

Disclaimer: I/We, the undersigned applicant(s) for an alarm user permit, intending to be legally bound hereby agree with the Townships of Clay, Penn and Warwick and the Borough of East Petersburg that neither I/We nor anyone claiming by, through or under me/us, shall make any claim against the Municipalities, it’s officials or agents for any damage caused to the premises at which the automatic protection device or audible alarm system is situated, at a time when said premises are, or appear to be unattended or when, in the discretion of said employees, the circumstances appear to warrant a forced entry.

NOTE: Clay, Penn & Warwick Townships charge a fee for certain False Alarm Responses by the NLCRPD. See their webpage or Code of Ordinance for details. **East Petersburg Borough does not impose a fee.

Further information concerning the applicable ordinance in your community is available at the codified ordinance portion of the web page located at one of the following locations - contact your municipality if you require further instruction. 


False Alarms responded to by an Officer are tracked monthly and invoiced accordingly. Dispute charges are passed to the Municipality for their review and final disposition.  Clay, Penn (commercial properties only) and Warwick Townships begin the invoice process at the third (3rd) false alarm per calendar year.  Those parties who do not respond with payment of fines within the designated time frame, are subject to reporting submission to the affected municipality for initiation of the civil legal process (i.e. debt collection).