Social Security Scam Warning!

SCAM CALL WARNING!  The NLCRPD received a call from an alert citizen today telling us they received a phone call from a man named "Detective Scott Wilson"  from the "Social Security Administration Office" in Texas, Mexico border area and that the local citizen's social security card and numerous credit cards were found at a crime scene in Texas and that a warrant was issued.  The faux Detective sounded official, was well-spoken even giving a badge and case number - all of which are fictitious!   The alert citizen asked several questions to which the scammer said for them to hold on the line and a Supervisor would take their bank information and "help them resolve this issue".   This is another great reminder that scammers are trying just about anything to get your financial information and steal your money - be aware, ask questions or simply hang-up.  If it sounds outrageous - it likely is!!!