Reminder for Travelers On Restricted Travel Roadways

The NLCRPD reminds drivers in remote areas to obey signs designating certain roadways as having NO WINTER MAINTENANCE they may find themselves without assistance in the event of unexpected trouble.

During the winter months when snow is forecast or is already covering the ground, enthusiasts of four-wheel drive and sometimes regular operators who simply disregard posted signage enter into areas which are posted as having NO WINTER MAINTENANCE for the roadway.

The NLCRPD has several roadways in areas posted in this manner within the NLCRPD primary jurisdiction. These roadways are generally township-maintained roadways approaching or located within remote conservation districts or game land areas.

The NLCRPD reminds person operating any vehicles who disregards the signage for roadways which have been designated as having NO WINTER MAINTENANCE that they face uncertain outcomes for the disregard of signage.

First there is no legal obligation as established by case law to provide any attempts to assist any manner. Secondly the hazards posed to the first response community may make a delayed response even in the event of an emergency a necessity. And last but not least – violators will face legal and civil penalties covering all costs of rescue.

If you decide to disregard the signage – be ready for the unintended consequences that may await.