The NLCRPD is Hiring!

JOIN OUR TEAM - The Northern Lancaster County Regional Police Department (NLCRPD) is accepting cover letters and current resumes from interested and qualified candidates for the position of police patrol officer. Agency planning requires that the NLCRPD seek qualified candidates to meet staffing needs. These positions are all full-time positions, the NLCRPD does not employ part-time sworn staff.

GENERAL INFORMATION - The Northern Lancaster County Regional Police Department is a dynamic and progressive PLEAC accredited and credentialed law enforcement agency formed in 2012 serving the communities of Clay Township, Penn Township, Warwick Township, and the Borough of East Petersburg. The agency currently has a sworn staff of 31 officers and serves a population of approximately 42,500 citizens in a coverage area of 79 square miles. Please see what our team has to offer at or at Northern Lancaster County Regional Police Department on Facebook. The agency is an accredited member of the Pennsylvania Chiefs of Police Accreditation programming.

The NLCRPD prides itself on our team’s appearance and esprit de corps, the quality of our equipment, technology, training, adherence to professional standards, accountability, transparency, understanding and meeting expectations, and providing the highest quality of police services to our community. The NLCRPD is seeking candidates who wish to enjoy a work environment dedicated to embracing change, using leading-edge technology, problem-solving, and a high degree of community service. We are seeking an individual who wishes to excel in their career path and enjoy all the challenges of law enforcement services while operating within a team-based environment. We are only seeking team players with a high level of desire to achieve and thrive professionally and on an individual basis.

The NLCRPD team encourages prospective candidates to visit and see what the agency has to offer you as a team member. All candidates are reminded to carefully review the information concerning qualifications and appearance standards to determine their suitability for the continuation of the application process.

ADDITIONAL EMPLOYMENT INFORMATION - It is the policy of the Northern Lancaster County Regional Police Department to adhere to the guidelines of this general order, the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act, The Equal Employment and Opportunity Act, and the criteria as set forth as minimal hiring standards as established by the agency. The Northern Lancaster County Regional Police Department is an equal opportunity employer. It is the department’s policy to grant equal employment opportunities to qualified persons without regard to race, religion, color, national origin, gender, age, veteran’s status, marital status, or non-job-related physical or mental handicap or disability. The Northern Lancaster County Regional Police Department’s recruitment and selection procedures are designed for finding and appointing the highest quality of individuals to serve as police officers, while adhering to the guidelines of applicable law, including but not limited to: the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), Title VII - Civil Rights Act of 1964, Age Discrimination Act of 1967, Pennsylvania Human Relations Act, as amended, Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), MPOETC guide to the hiring of police officers, the law and regulations as promulgated by the United States Department of Justice, The United States Department of Labor, and The Pennsylvania Bureau of Labor and Industry, and procedures as established by the department in regards to members of the armed forces.

POSITION REQUIREMENTS -Applicants for the position of Northern Lancaster County Regional Police Officer must be capable of possessing the requisite skills, knowledge, and abilities. The NLCRPD will accept and consider applicants without Act 120 certifications or training. 

Officers, at the time of their appointment, must be at least 21 years of age.

Desired candidates who completed a certified Pennsylvania MPOETC Act 120 training program or be currently enrolled in a certified MPOETC Act 120 Program or be currently employed as a full-time police officer of another state and met the certification standards of that state and be able to pass the certification examination administered by MPOETC will be provided advance consideration.

Applicants considered for employment must be of good moral character.

Applicants must be physically and psychologically able to perform the duties of the position of a NLCRPD Police Officer, as per the job description.

Officers, at the time of their appointment, must be a resident of Pennsylvania and possess a valid Pennsylvania driver’s license.

Applicants must possess visual acuity acceptable for performing all functions and responsibilities of a police officer.

Applicants with a college degree are preferred, all applicants must possess a diploma from an accredited high school or graduate equivalency diploma. Applicants must be a United States citizen.

Applicants may not have any misdemeanor or felony convictions.

Applicants must be able to perform “essential functions” of the position, which must be performed as a “business necessity” of the department, as those terms are defined under 29 CFR Sec. 1630.2. The essential functions will consume almost all of the time spent on the job by the police officer. The failure of the officer to perform the majority of the tasks identified as “essential functions”, could lead directly or indirectly to a “direct threat” of substantial harm to the safety or health of the officer, a fellow officer or a citizen which the officer is sworn to protect.

JOB DESCRIPTION: The job description of Police Officer and essential and non-essential functions required may be reviewed in NLCRPD General Order 6.3.5 at www.nlcrpd.orgunder the policy tab, or directly at

APPEARANCE STANDARDS: The NLCRPD written directive governing agency member appearance standards (these are mandatory requirements) may be reviewed in NLCRPD General Order 6.1.44 at www.nlcrpd.orgunder the policy tab, or directly at

TO APPLY FOR THE POSITION OF POLICE OFFICER: Applicants may submit a cover letter and resume to the Chief of Police for consideration for employment. Correspondence may be submitted via email to Lt. Josh Kilgore at or correspondence may be either mailed/delivered in person in an envelope marked:

Officer Hiring Candidate

NLCRPD Administrative Offices

860 Durlach Road

Stevens, PA 17578-9761

All resumes and cover letters must be submitted no later than September 01, 2022, at 22:59 hours.

  • Applicants must meet all NLCRPD employment requirements.
  • Cover letters and applications will be reviewed and approved by the Chief of Police for consideration for employment.
  • Upon review and approval for further consideration of employment candidates will be notified, provided further processing instructions, and required to complete the mandatory:
    • Memorandum of understanding reference NLCRPD G.O. 6.1.44 Procedures to follow related to uniforms and appearance.
    • Authority for release and agreement to Hold Harmless
    • Personal Data Questionnaire (PDQ) and application for employment
  • An interview panel and further candidate screening processes will follow
  • All candidates will be informed of their consideration status as the process continues

WHAT WE OFFER - The NLCRPD is a dynamic workplace that provides our officers with a modern police facility and the best equipment to perform their duties. We provide all initial issue equipment, ballistic vest and ballistic vest replacement program, and an annual individual officer equipment allowance. In addition, all agency uniforms are provided with agency-paid mandatory dry-cleaning services, including pickup and delivery from the NLCRPD facility. We offer a competitive salary range of $61,474.51 as a Probationary (12-month) Employee (as of the 2020 – 2023 Collective Bargaining Agreement). A patrol officer base is currently calculated at $88,902.46 plus longevity pay after 5 full years of service. * Tier system is applied.

  • Annual Vacation Leave (proportioned to years of service)
  • 80 hours – year 1 – 5
  • 120 hours – year 5-12
  • 180 hours – year 12-20
  • 200 hours after year 20
  • 96 hours annual Sick leave
  • 88 hours of Holiday bonus hours
  • Bereavement Leave
  • 36 hours of annual Personal Day use
  • Pension Plan Deferred Compensation Plans
  • DROP plan of three years
  • Life Insurance coverage, health, prescription, dental and vision coverage for the Officer and his family.
  • Associates Degree: $300.00 annual bonus
  • Bachelor’s degree: $600.00 annual bonus
  • Master’s degree: $850.00 annual bonus