Continuity of Operations for police agencies is fundamental as we attempt to reduce the transmission of the pandemic virus strain among our citizens and employees, minimize illness amongst our much needed first line responders and employees and maintain essential municipal operations and services.

Since the beginning of the COVID 19 scenario NLCRPD members have been reviewing policy requirements for dealing with pandemic responses, gathering information on the emergent and current situations, following daily informational flows from the CDC, PADOH, Pa. Gov, FEMA, PEMA, and other resources. Most critically to the outcome, is daily communication assuring a cohesive effort. The tool for accomplishing this objective is a daily workgroup call in conversation between EMS, EMS, Local Government, and adjoining law enforcement team members. This brief but meaningful conversation covers trends, needs, resources, and sharing information of value across the public safety spectrum.

The NLCRPD wishes to convey to our community the unique challenges our law enforcement officers face and the myriad of questions they receive from the public on how our agency and municipalities are responding to the Pandemic. The need for flexibility in our plans and rules of engagement as the current environment and resources available are changing almost daily. We want our employees, residents, businesses and elected officials to have a level of confidence with our agencies plan and abilities to address the health crisis in our communities.

To this end the NLCRPD has been aggressive in reaching key performance metrics in each of the following essential areas

 Create clear lines of communication.
 Identify adequate and appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE).
 Protect the workforce.
 Identify our agency’s key priorities and continuity of operations plan.
 Train personnel.
 Establish clear rules of engagement and use of force guidelines.
 Be part of a unified team for external communications.
 Members model desired behaviors.

Community engagement and partnerships are truly a force multiplier as we continue to fight an enemy we cannot see.