NLCRPD Accountability Increased By BWC and Other Technology Utilization

Much has been written and contained within the headlines of major sources of electronic media, social media, twitter, Facebook, and the decreasingly accessed print media, concerning police accountability. The information is fast moving, changeable, and seeks information across a wide array of sources to develop and apply solutions.

Sometimes there are already processes and solutions in place prior to the ask. This is particularly true on the face of requests for NLCRPD police accountability in the use of body worn cameras and other technology. Please take a moment and review the attachment to this post which features a brief overview of the features already in place and utilized by the NLCRPD

At the NLCRPD we are using technology to provide accountability and transparency to the public we serve. The platform the NLCRPD utilizes includes many facets and layers of accountability. This includes the integrated smart weapons systems, meaning any time a CED device of firearm leaves the officers holster a proximity signal activates all nearby MVR and BWC systems. The newest generation of MVR units are being installed in the NLCRPD fleet next week as a part of the agency fleet management plan.

The many benefits of this programming includes:

Increased officer accountability
Liability and risk management
Reporting and data accessibility
Evidence and data security features
Cost containment and sustainability
RMS interfaces
Cloud based storage and remote access capabilities
Increased training opportunities utilizing local situations and scenarios
Virtual training opportunities

At the NLCRPD we were the first suburban law enforcement agency in Lancaster County to individually assign officers with the Axon 3 BWC camera systems and adopt the smart weapons platform including CED device, MVR, BWC interface with the platform for storage meeting evidence security and integrity requirements. The NLCRPD also has a long-term cost containment and sustainability plan in place that features synchronized fleet management and BWC/MVR/CED refresh plans in place. This assures the most current generation of technology is in place to serve our community and protect our officers.