Crash - Minor Injury - Warwick Township - Owl Hill Road & Cinder Hill Road

NLCRPD was requested to investigate a crash as reported to 911 on June 5 2019, at 07:44 Hours in Warwick Township at Owl Hill Road and Cinder Hill Roads.

Unit 1: Associated name/ operator: Sarah J. Kolb, age 23, residing at an address of 8th Street, Pennsburg, PA – operating a 2000 Chevrolet

Unit 2: Associated name/ operator: Stephanie L. Morrison, age 52, residing at an address in the 500 block of Owl Hill Road, Lititiz, PA operating a 2003 Ford

This crash involved two motor vehicles, two driver/occupants with one reported injury. . The driver of unit 2 was evaluated and transported to UPMC Lititz for evaluation. Both vehicles were towed from the scene, The driver of unit 1 was cited and accident scene photographs were taken. NLCRPD was dispatched to investigate a reported motor vehicle accident at the intersection of Owl Hill Rd. and Cinder Hill Rd. The recorded accident address is 336 Owl Hill Rd.NLCRPD located the involved parties and acquired the necessary driver and vehicle documents. All driver and vehicle documents were valid and the information was recorded. A copy of the accident information exchange form was completed and issued to both drivers.

The driver of unit 1 was identified as Sarah J. Kolb. She states that she was stopped on Cinder Hill Rd. while facing Owl Hill Rd. She looked both ways and did not see oncoming traffic. Sarah added that she looked to her right again then pulled into traffic flow on Owl Hill Rd. Sarah intended to turn left onto Owl Hill Rd. At this point her vehicle was struck by unit 2 that was traveling North bound and coming from her left. Sarah stated that the accident was her fault and added that she failed to look to her left immediately before entering the trafficway.

The driver of unit 2 was identified as Stephanie L. Morrison. She reports that she was traveling North bound on Owl Hill Rd. and as she approached/entered the intersection of Owl Hill and Cinder Hill Rd. unit 1 suddenly entered her lane of travel. Stephanie attempted to swerve and avoid the accident, but she was not able. The collision occurred inside the North bound lane of travel. After impact unit 2 then continued outside the roadway and struck landscape bushes and a D and E telephone pole.

The owners of the telephone pole and the residential property were notified of the damages.