Crash - Hit & Run - Warwick Township

Class (UCR) Code: 3170 - HIT AND RUN
Crimes Code: Title: 75
Date/Time Reported: 12/28/2018 08:45 (Friday)
TIME - Received: 08:45
Patrol Zone: 02 - 12

The NLCRPD responded to a hit and run that just occurred at the intersection of Lincoln Road and Brunnerville Road. It was reported that the stop sign was knocked down by a white in color tractor trailer. NLCRPD patrols confirmed damages with the stop sign was knocked down and damaged. The street signs for Lincoln Road and Brunnerville Road were also knocked down and damaged. The grass and hedges of 1403 Brunnerville Road were also damaged as a result of the hit and run.

A cooperating witness advised that she observed a white Freightliner Tractor Trailer turning right from Lincoln Road onto Brunnerville Road stating that the Trailer portion of the vehicle struck the stop sign and street signs while making the turn the back of the trailer began to sway and she thought it was going to hit the telephone pole and flip onto her driveway. Witness further indicated that the noise was very loud, and the entire trailer shook, the driver just drove off without getting out to check on it.
NLCRPD patrols located the driver of the tractor trailer combination identified as HARKIT SINGH RAI, age 45 of Knollwood Drive, Bethel, CT
RAI admitted to being at the intersection of Lincoln Road and Brunnerville Road. RAI stated that his GPS took him to the wrong location. NLCRPD patrols checked his vehicle and noticed damage to the passenger side of the trailer, and a tire was missing from the trailer and the axle was broken. Initially RAI stated that he didn't know that he struck anything. After being confronted with the damage to the trailer RAI stated that he did realize that he hit the stop sign, but he was not certain of the damage.
HARKIT SING RAI was cited for Accidents Involving Damage to Unattended Property (PAVC 3745 A / Citation Number C5766211-3)

Incident Date: 
Friday, December 28, 2018 - 8:45am

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