Solicitation Form

Please fill out the form below. The completed form needs to be signed and brought to station along with the completed PATCH report.  PATCH reports are valid for 10 days from issue.  Applicant must appear in person to have their ID badge prepared.  Please call to make an appointment during our normal business hours. 

NOTE: Applicants MUST complete the Pennsylvania Access To Criminal History (PATCH) report PRIOR to submitting the Solicitation Form and appearing at the NLCRPD. Go to to complete the PATCH Report

$5.00 for each ID badge for the first thirty (30) days of issue, $2.00 for each subsequent ID badge – for Warwick Township & East Petersburg Borough.
Additional Fee Required by East Petersburg Borough – please see Ordinance No. 298 which is on the NLCRPD webpage as a PDF attachment in this section. This fee must be paid to the East Petersburg Borough Treasurer PRIOR to registration being finalized at the NLCRPD Headquarters, proof of payment must be presented.  

PDF icon Solicitors Registration Form_2020PDF icon East Petersburg Borough Ord. No. 298