Policy & Procedure

NLCRPD Written Directives concerning policy and procedure are posted in this section. This partial list of policy and agency directives is provided to assure public transparency by the NLCRPD in delivery of police services within our community.

PDF icon NLCRPD Body-Worn Camera Policy Revised 01/2020PDF icon NLCRPD Bias Based Policing PDF icon Criminal Investigations & Human Trafficking PDF icon Humane Destruction of Injured Animals PDF icon Reporting of Legal Process PDF icon Handling of Incidents of Domestic Violence PDF icon NLCRPD Act 79 Compliance Policy PDF icon Act 29 SAK Testing Procedures PDF icon Agency Role PDF icon Limits of AuthorityPDF icon Search &Seizure without a WarrantPDF icon Agency Assurance of Constitutional Standards PDF icon Right to Know Compliance - Agency Requirements PDF icon NLCRPD Right to Know Officer S.O. DesigneePDF icon CED Utilization Practices PDF icon NLCRPD Directive - Communicable Disease PDF icon NLCRPD Directive - Handling of children of prisoners in NLCRPD custody PDF icon NLCRPD Directive - ExDSPDF icon NLCRPD DIrective - CJI Disciplinary Scope of permissible acts PDF icon NLCRPD Directive - CJI Physical Protection PDF icon NLCRPD Directive - Cyber Security Incident Response Requirements PDF icon NLCRPD Directive - Use and dissemination of PennDOT imagesPDF icon NLCRPD Directive - Mobile fingerprint identification devices PDF icon NLCRPD Directive - BYOD - Bring your own devicePDF icon NLCRPD Written Directive - Job Description - Lieutenant.PDF icon NLCRPD Written Directive - Job Description - SergeantPDF icon NLCRPD Written Directive - Job Description -Corporal PDF icon NLCRPD Written Directive - Supervisory Expectations Graphic PDF icon NLCRPD Written Directive - Pandemic Influenza or similar health emergencyPDF icon NLCRPD Written Directive 2.5.9 - De-Escalation PDF icon NLCRPDWritten Directive 6.1.87 CED DevicesPDF icon NLCRPD Written Directive 1.3.1 -1.3.10 Use of Force PDF icon NLCRPD Written Directive 1.3.8 Authorized Agency Weapons