Chief's Message

In these times of instant information and a constant need to know, it is an essential mission of the police to communicate and reach out to the community. This only serves to enhance the ability of the agency to meet our communities’ needs and allows for proper organizational planning and response.

I wish to assure each citizen that it is my personal goal to hold all members of this regional policing organization to the standard of delivery of the highest quality of professional police services in the day to day operations, and administration of the organization.

A critical component of the delivery of services in a regional policing basis includes the cost effectiveness and accountability standard. As an organization we understand that in any time, not just difficult times, there is a duty of leadership to be responsible on a fiscal level to those we serve. A regional police service delivery system allows this principle to emerge to the forefront. We eliminate the duplicated efforts inherent in some delivery systems and provide a greater degree of specialized and basic police services to a larger number of citizens, than would have been previously reached under the traditional service scheme.

At the NLCRPD we embrace the traditions of the past while looking to the future to make an impact through effective change. It is our role and duty as an excellent organization to look at change as a positive influence and meaningful way to do things better. This philosophy allows the NLCRPD to use our officers to their maximum capability and allows each employee to have an impact on the agency and the community.


Chief David Steffen