Vacation Home Check

Mount Joy Borough Police Department offers vacation security checks to residents. Officers will do a periodic check of the exterior of your home while you are away.

  • What is a House Check? A: Your house will be checked by an Officer every other day. This, of course, depends on the manpower and availability of Officers.
  • What does the Officer do when checking my house? A: The Officer will walk around the residence to ensure the house is secured and there are no signs of forced entry. They will also be looking for any signs that unwanted persons, or vehicles have been there. They will watch for things that may seem out of the ordinary. The Officer will log the times of the check in their activity log.
  • What happens if something is wrong? A: The person(s) you list as an emergency contact will be notified, most likely you will also be notified immediately afterwards. Don't forget to give us your cell phone number in case of an emergency.

When completing the form below, please be as thorough as possible because an incomplete form may result in your request being delayed.

Mount Joy Borough Police Department or County Control MUST be called when you return home.

Please be advised that the Mount Joy Borough Police Department will NOT do a physical check of the premise if…the residence or property has an active alarm system; it is being checked by another person (Key Holder); if the property is for sale or if it is a vacant property due to death or illness and a Key Holder lives within a five-mile radius.  You are welcome to notify us of your absence of the premises for Officer awareness only.

Although we will not be actively checking properties under the above circumstances, we encourage that you, your Alarm Company or Key Holder contact us for any suspicious activity while the property is vacant.

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Vacation Duration
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Home Details
For each vehicle parked outdoors, please add its registration plate state/number, make, model and color in the "Notes" box below.
If somone is checking on your home while you are away, add their information in the "Notes" box below if different than your listed emergency contact person.
Emergency Contact
Enter details for the person who should be contacted in case of any emergency.
Home Summary
Enter additional information such as the make, model and color of vehicles left at home, pets left at home, light timers, alarm systems, visitors, etc.