Violation of Manor Township Ordinance- Solid Waste

On Tuesday, November 26, 2019, at 0452 hours, Officer Charles Snyder was on patrol in the area of Charlestown Road and Keper Avenue when he observed a solid waste truck that had "Purple Heart Disposal" on the side, collecting trash before the hour of 0500.  The Officer made conduct with the driver who was identified as Gary Hummer, 70, Birdsboro.  The driver of the truck is also the owner of the business.  Officer Snyder advised him of why he was being stopped.  He understood that he was out collecting before he was allowed to.  Officer Snyder advised Hummer he would be filing a citation for the violation of the solid waste ordinance.  Based on the Officer's observation, he filed a citation for violating Manor Township's solid waste ordinance.  This citation was filed at MDJ Keller's office.