Manor Township Ordinance - Small Amount of Marijuana

On Friday, March 20, 2020 at 2102 hours, Officer Phil Eck stopped a vehicle for not having any rear lights.  He stopped the vehicle in the 1000 block of Millersville Road, Lancaster.  The driver, Tiffany Rodriguez, 21, Lancaster had not had her lighting controls set properly and that's why there were no rear lights on.  She adjusted her settings and the lights came on.  While Officer Eck with talking with her he smell fresh unburnt marijuana coming from the vehicle.  He conducted a search of the vehicle and found a small amount of marijuana in a backpack on her front seat.  As a result of the traffic stop, Officer Eck filed a non-traffic citation for violating Manor Township's Ordinance which prohibits anyone from possessing a small amount of marijuana.  This citation will be filed at MDJ Keller's office.