Harassment and Disorderly Conduct

On Monday, December 9, 2019, Corporal Mark Burkholder got called to the area of the 1000 block of Williamsburg Road, Lancaster for a disturbance.  Upon his arrival, he learned that Erica Aquino-Agosto, 29, Columbia, and Jonathan Cirino-Perez, 24, Columbia, came to the home of Christine Burgos, 32, Lancaster.  The two from Columbia stated they came to get Cirino-Perez's address because they said she was possibly involved in an incident that occurred in Columbia.  Instead of just driving by, the two saw Cirino-Perez out front of her house and they stopped and confronted her from inside the vehicle.  Cirino-Perez stated she was waiting for an Uber ride and that's why she was out front of her home.  The two verbally engaged her and some physical contact was made as well.  The two from Columbia remained in the vehicle but Aquino put her hand out of the vehicle with her cell phone in it when Burgos tried to hit her and her phone dropped to the ground and broke.  Cirino and Aquino were sent no trespassing letters in August and were not supposed to be at Burgos' residence.  Based on the Officer's investigation he filed three non-traffic citations.  He charged Cirino and Aquino with harassment, and Burgos with disorderly conduct.