Disorderly Conduct

On, Tuesday, March 17, 2020 at 0934 hours, Officer Pete Papadopoulos was dispatched to the CVS on Columbia Avenue for a report of a fight in progress.  Upon the Officer' arrival, the fight was over and witnesses directed him to two of the people involved.  The Officer identified Alex Rodriguez-Rivera, 35, Lancaster, and Jasmine Rodriguez, 33, Lancaster, as two of the three involved.  Witnesses stated that two females got into a fight and then a male joined in.  The Officer learned that the other individual involved was Rose Gray, 30, Lancaster.  Jasmine and Rose apparently had previous bad blood.  Rose saw Jasmine in CVS and after they got outside Rose asked Jasmine if she still wanted to fight.  Jasmine stated that Rose walked toward her and a physical fight ensued.  Witnesses then stated that Alex jumped in and began to fight as well.  There were no serious injuries as a result of the fight.  Rose had left before the Officer arrived.  The Officer filed non-traffic citations against all three for disorderly conduct for fighting in public.  These citations will be filed at MDJ Keller's office.