Database Will Aid Police In Reuniting Special Needs People With Their Families!

The Manheim Township Police Department has developed a Special Needs Registry (SNR) to better serve members of our community.  The SNR is a voluntary registration where persons with special needs submit information that will be helpful to emergency service workers during an emergency.  The special needs classifications include, but are not limited to: autism, dementia, and any other physical or mental disabilities.  As Chief Rudzinski explained, 

There is a large number of people in our community who have a physical or mental impairment and, as a result, have special needs.  A few years ago, I began including training in our annual internal curriculum to address some of these groups, including how to recognize when a person has a special need.  However, a “special need” is not usually something that is immediately apparent.  This voluntary program will provide a visual indicator to first responders who come into contact with a special needs person.  It will also provide supporting information that will help the officers tailor the assistance and care that they provide to the individual.

Late last year, Sergeant Donnelly presented his idea to me. I couldn’t have been more excited about the prospect of providing individualized service to our special needs population and immediately recognized the benefit. Our department has a very active Community Outreach program which is supported with donations from our community, and Donnelly’s idea fit right in. Using funds from Community Outreach, Donnelly ran with his idea and developed a program that will have a positive impact on our special needs community! 

The SNR will compile data that may help locate loved ones of someone who may be lost or locate someone that will need assistance in evacuating from their residence in an emergency.  The data will be managed by the police department and will only be shared as needed with emergency workers assisting the police.  Participants will be issued decals to clue emergency workers that the police have data on the individual.  Chief Thomas Rudzinski further noted that, “this program will allow our officers to have advance information going into a situation involving a special needs person, and it will allow them to tailor their response to those needs.”

Applications and additional information for the program may be obtained at the police station or by visiting our website by following this link.

MEDIA POST CONTACT: Sergeant Michael T. Piacentino, W: 717-569-6401 Ext: 1583, C: 717-340-2130,