Lancaster Catholic Foreign Exchange Student Gets Hands-On CSI Experience at MTPD!


Phoebe Chung is a foreign exchange student from Seoul, South Korea, here in the United States as part of a mentoring program with the Lancaster Chamber of Commerce.  Phoebe is currently a junior at Lancaster Catholic High School and has a strong interest in forensics and loves to watch CSI on television. 

On Saturday, February 9, 2019, Phoebe came into the Manheim Township Police station, along with her mentor, for a tour of the station and participation in a mock crime scene.  Officer Johns created the mock crime scene and assisted Phoebe in collecting evidence from the scene.  

After entering the crime scene, Phoebe quarantined the area to preserve her evidence, by placing crime scene tape across the entry.  She then put on proper personal protection equipment such as gloves and shoe covers.  Phoebe successfully marked, collected, and packaged evidence to include a blood sample that would be sent to the Pennsylvania State Police forensic lab for DNA analysis, latent fingerprints, and the victim’s shirt.

The Manheim Township Police Department was pleased to provide this tour and experience for Phoebe.  Special thanks to Officer Johns for creating the mock crime scene!

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