Having a Dog is a Big Responsibility! Be Sure You're Following the Laws!

The Manheim Township Police Department often gets questions about dogs and laws that pertain to them.  The following article showcases some of the PA Dog Law, which answers most of the questions we receive.


1)  All dogs three months of age or older must be licensed.  Licenses are issued by the County Treasurer, and can be purchased online by clicking this link.  Lancaster County Treasurer contact information:


2)  All dogs must be under control and must not be allowed to run at large.  Dogs are personal property, and owners are responsible for damages caused by their dog.

3)  It is illegal to mistreat or abuse any animal.  Violations should be reported to a local humane organization or the police.

4)  It is illegal to abandon or attempt to abandon any dog.

5)  No dog under eight weeks of age may be sold, traded, bartered or transferred.

6)  You may not place any poison or harmful substance in any place where dogs may easily eat it, whether it is your own property or elsewhere.

7)  You must have a current kennel license if you operate a facility that keeps, harbors, boards, shelters, sells, gives away or transfers a total of 26 or more dogs in any one calendar year.

8)  Dogs and cats 3 months of age or older are required to have a current rabies vaccination.  

In addition to these state laws, the Township of Manheim has enacted a series of local ordinances, which also addresses dogs.  Most notably, a dog is required to be leashed at all times when on the streets or public grounds within Manheim Township, nor are any animals permitted to go beyond the boundaries of their premises.  The full Animal ordinance can be found by clicking this link.

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