Fast moving scammers come to Pennsylvania!

Recently, the Pennsylvania State Police warned citizens of the Commonwealth about a growing and fast-moving scam that is occurring, perpetrated by Romanian transnational criminal organizations.   The scammers will tell you a sad story and attempt to sell you their belongings, namely jewelry, to help them financially through their fabricated crisis.   The victims of the scam later find out that the jewelry they purchased is fake and worthless.  

While the Manheim Township Police have not received any recent reports of this exact scam occurring within our jurisdiction, there has been an increase in Romanian transnationals soliciting for money along our roadways and in our shopping centers.  It has been determined that these transient people are being dropped off at these locations for this specific purpose and that the reasons they provide for their activity are often false or deceptive in nature.  Pennsylvania Vehicle Code section 3545 subsection 2 prohibits any pedestrian from soliciting employment, business, or contributions from any occupant of a vehicle.  Furthermore, Manheim Township Peddling and Soliciting Ordinance 352 governs soliciting within the township without a permit.   Permits are not issued for the purpose of soliciting funds from the roadway or shopping centers.  

The Manheim Township Police want citizens to be aware of this predatory behavior and encourage you to report this activity when you see it occurring.   

See the below link for a news article from ABC 27 for more details.

Pennsylvania State Troopers warn of 'quick moving' city-to-city scam artists (