Don't Be Spoofed! Caller ID Can Be Wrong! Avoid Phone Scams - Click Here!


Telephone scams are on the upswing, and they’re often enabled by caller ID spoofing.  The name and number that appears when someone calls you can be faked, so you can’t place all your trust in it.  The how and why aren’t really that important — everyone just needs to know this is possible!

So, how do you protect yourself?  Easy: Don’t trust what caller ID says.
If you see a number like the local police department, a bank, a legitimate business, or a government agency, remember that the displayed number could be fake.  Don’t trust the caller just because of the number that appears on their caller ID.  If you’re ever in doubt, just assume you’re being scammed, pranked, or otherwise tricked, and hang up!

If you think it might be a legitimate call, you should try calling back, using the phone number that you know is legitimate.  For example, let’s say your bank calls you about a problem with your bank account and wants personal information.  Rather than giving it to them, hang up, and find the bank’s official phone number — on their official website, for example.  Then call that phone number back so you’re sure you’re actually talking to your bank.

Don’t be fooled into trusting a scammer just because a legitimate number appears when they call you!

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