Daily News Release - Friday 7/19/2019

Daily News Release – Friday, July 19, 2019
Sergeant Michael Piacentino, Public Information Officer
Office: (717) 569-6401 Ext. 1583
Cell: (717) 340-2130


1.  Harassment Arrest, 3:45 p.m., Monday, July 7, 2019, 900 block East King Street (LT) – Jonathan Luis Gallardo, M/33, of Lancaster, PA, was charged with the above offense following a domestic dispute at his residence.  During the altercation, Gallardo pushed the victim at least three (3) times in the chest, knocking them backwards.  Gallardo also “bearhugged” the victim.  A citation was filed.

2.  Public Drunkenness Arrest, 12:25 p.m., Thursday, July 18, 2019, 1699 Oregon Pike – Sheetz (MT) – Daniel J. Dambrosio, M/33, of Washington Boro, PA, was charged with the above offense after he was observed under the influence of methamphetamine and heroin to the degree that he fell over, caused a disturbance, and caused others to call 9-1-1.  A citation was filed.

3.  Soliciting Arrest, 9:56 a.m., Thursday, July 18, 2019, 1500 block Manheim Pike (MT) – Joseph A. Jameson, M/36, homeless, was charged with the above offense after he was observed soliciting funds from passing motorists.  Jameson had previously been warned for the same offense.  A citation was issued to Jameson for the soliciting offense and he was arrested on an outstanding warrant.  Jameson was then turned over to the Lancaster County Sheriff.

4.  Strangulation / Recklessly Endangering Another Person / Criminal Mischief / Harassment / Public Drunkenness Arrest, 11:18 p.m., Monday, July 6, 2019, 1400 block Harrisburg Pike (MT) – Tonya L. Le, F/41, of Mountville, PA, was charged with the above offenses following a disturbance inside an Uber vehicle.  Le summoned an Uber to take her from Lancaster City to her residence.  During the trip, Le became irate in the back seat of the vehicle.  Le wrapped her hands around the driver’s neck and squeezed, while the vehicle was still in motion.  Le also used the vehicle’s seatbelt to pull it across the driver’s neck and apply pressure.  Le released the driver and laid down in the back seat.  She began kicking the rear driver’s side door, which caused $3,000.00 in damage.  The driver stopped the vehicle and both Le and the driver exited.  The driver described Le has heavily intoxicated and had to keep Le from entering the path of passing vehicles.  Officers arrived and found Le in an intoxicated state.  She was arrested and transported to her residence by officers, and turned over to a family member.  A criminal complaint was filed.

5.  False Identification to Law Enforcement Arrest, 2:06 a.m., Sunday, June 6, 2019, Chester Road at Lititz Pike (MT) – Derrick M. Mitterlehner, M/45, of Harrisburg, PA, was charged with the above offense following a traffic stop for speeding.  Mitterlehner was observed driving in excess of 80 MPH in a 55 MPH posted zone.  When stopped, Mitterlehner provided the name and date of birth of his brother, to the officer.  The officer subsequently issued a traffic citation to Mitterlehner, in the brother’s name.  The discovery of the false identification did not occur until after the traffic stop had ended.  A criminal complaint was filed and an arrest warrant obtained.  Mitterlehner remains a wanted person at this time.  Any person knowing the whereabouts of Mitterlehner should call the Manheim Township Police Department at 717-569-6401 or provide information anonymously by clicking “Submit a Tip.”

6.  Burglary / Theft Arrest, 12:45 to 1:10 a.m., Thursday, July 18, 2019, 600 block Paxton Place (MT) – Stephen L. Roach, M/48, of Lititz, PA, was charged with the above offenses following a suspicious activity incident.  Officers were dispatched to a residence for a reported burglary where the victim’s watch and vehicle keys were taken.  One of the victims suspected her ex-husband (Roach) to be responsible for the burglary.  Officers located Roach who admitted to entering the home and taking the keys and watch.  Roach returned the watch to officers which was inside his home.  He also showed officers where he threw the keys in a nearby cornfield.  Roach was arrested, processed, and taken to Central Arraignment.

7.  Terroristic Threats / Possession of Drug Paraphernalia Arrest, 12:40 a.m., Sunday, July 14, 2019, Livingston Lane (LT) – Matthew L. Raeford, M/37, of Lancaster, PA, was charged with the above offenses following a disturbance in a parking lot.  Raeford engaged in an argument with a juvenile.  During the argument, Raeford retrieved a black firearm, racked the slide and told the victim “I got something for you.”  When officers arrived on scene, he was found in possession of a firearm magazine which was loaded with ammunition.  Officers also observed a marijuana grinder sitting in plain view inside his vehicle.  Raeford was arrested, processed, and taken to Central Arraignment.


1.  Vehicle Theft, 12:01 to 3:14 a.m., Tuesday, July 16, 2019, 600 block Wyncroft Lane (LT) – Unknown person/s stole a 2013 Volkswagen Passat as it sat parked overnight.  Total loss: $2,000.00.  Investigation continues.

2.  Theft, July 12 to 15, 2019, 126 Keller Avenue – Susquehanna Valley EMS (MT) – Unknown person/s stole mail from the business’s mailbox.  It is unknown what had been delivered and what was stolen.  Total loss unknown.

3.  Theft, July 9 to 10, 2019, 1600 block Sunset Avenue (MT) – Unknown person/s syphoned gasoline from a vehicle which sat parked overnight.  Total loss: $20.00.

4.  Identity Theft, 11:00 a.m., Wednesday, December 5, 2018, 6300 block Main Street (EP) – Unknown person/s opened an account with an online home décor store using another person’s identity. 

5.  Theft of Motor Vehicle Parts or Accessories, 12:12 p.m., Tuesday, July 16, 2019, 1207 Lititz Pike (MT) – Advance Auto Parts (MT) – Unknown person/s entered three (3) unlocked vehicles owned by the store and stole the PA inspection and emissions stickers from each of them.  Unknown loss.

6.  Simple Assault / Recklessly Endangering Another Person Incidents, 4:00 to 4:37 p.m., Tuesday, July 16, 2019, 1000 block Marshall Avenue (MT) – Unknown person/s shot a BB gun at a 15-year-old juvenile who was riding their bike in the area.  The BB perforated the victim’s skin which required medical treatment.  Around the same time unknown person/s shot two (2) BBs at a vehicle which was traveling along the same stretch of roadway.  The vehicle sustained $150.00 in damage.  Investigation continues.

7.  Criminal Mischief, 12:29 p.m., Tuesday, July 16, 2019, 900 block Grofftown Road (LT) – Unknown person/s threw a piece of concrete curbing at the rear window of a parked vehicle, smashing the glass.  Total loss: $400.00.  Investigation continues.

8.  Robbery, 8:40 p.m., Tuesday, July 16, 2019, 1246 Millersville Pike – Regal Cinemas (LT) – Four (4) unknown males stole $800.00 in cash, a wallet, a necklace, and a backpack from a 17-year-old victim.  The victim reported that one (1) of the males displayed a firearm and was pistol-whipped during the incident.  Investigation continues.

9.  Theft From Motor Vehicle, July 16 to 17, 2019, 700 block Wyncroft Terrace (LT) – Unknown person/s entered two (2) unlocked vehicles which sat parked overnight.  A pill bottle, mints, and a checkbook were taken.  Total loss: $2.00.

10.  Theft By Deception, 3:51 p.m., Wednesday, July 17, 2019, 2200 block Coventry Road (MT) – Unknown person/s deceived the victim into thinking their Apple account was compromised.  The suspect/s convinced the victim to purchase gift cards and provide the card number information to them.  Total loss: $1,500.00.


Incident Date: 
Friday, July 19, 2019 (All day)