Rash of Vehicle Thefts in Lancaster Township! We Need Your Help!



SPECIAL NEWS RELEASE – Rash of Vehicle Thefts in Lancaster Township
MARCH 27, 2020

Sergeant Michael Piacentino, Public Information Officer
Office: (717) 569-6401 Ext. 1583
Cell: (717) 340-2130

Starting two (2) weeks ago, the Manheim Township Police Department began fielding a higher-than-normal number of Vehicle Theft reports.  From Friday, March 13th, 2020 to Friday, March 27th, 2020 the Manheim Township Police have received five (5) reports of vehicles being stolen from the western side of Lancaster Township.  The areas affected were:

  • - 1700 block Judie Lane
  • - 800 block Hershey Avenue
  • - 600 block Wyncroft Lane
  • - 1300 block Atkins Avenue
  • - 1700 block Wilderness Avenue

All of these thefts occurred during the overnight or early morning hours.  All but one (1) of the vehicles were located a short period of time later, in the general local area.  Investigators believe these vehicles are being used for “joy rides” and are not being taken to be dismantled for parts.

For each of these theft incidents, the victims left their vehicle unlocked with the keys inside of them, or left a second vehicle unlocked containing the key to the one which was stolen.  This crime of opportunity is easily preventable!  Residents are reminded to take the keys to the vehicle with them when they are done using it.  Any valuables left within the vehicle should be removed and the vehicle locked.

Officers are increasing patrols in the affected areas.  Please assist our officers by doing your part in securing your property.  By working together, we can make our community safer.


Friday, March 27, 2020
Reference ID: 
MT-20-04229, MT-20-04611, MT-20-04612, MT-20-04695, MT-20-04885

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