If you are in the Borough the alarms you hearing are for a gas leak in the area of the 1st block of West Gramby Street. Please avoid the area as emergency services respond.

Found in the 300 block of South Penn Street. Please contact us if you are / know the owner at 717-664-1180. Thank you

The Manheim Borough Police Department is providing updates on a recent protest and information about a planned protest expected to take place in coming days.

- On June 23, there was a protest in Manheim that included a march in the borough. Roadways were obstructed and we received information about altercations between individuals.

To date, we have not received reports from potential victims of such behavior. We did receive calls from motorists who were stopped or diverted their direction of travel.

2000 block of Hossler Road. Please share and contact us if you know the owner. The dog does not have a chip or identification

This little guy was found on Mount Joy Road at Colebrook Road. Please contact us if you know the owner at 717-664-1180.

Etown Road and Rife Run Road. RAPHO TOWNSHIP

Manheim Borough - Mill and South Hazel Street

East Stiegel Street from SR 72 to Oak Street

Rapho Township - Elizabethtown Road from Newport to Lebanon Road

Watch for flooded roads. Some roads are currently closed. Echo Valley and Meadow View roads are both closed from Echo Valley to the Township line. (Rapho Township)

PA drivers licenses, vehicle registrations and disability placards expiring between March 16, 2020 and April 30, 2020 now expire May 31, 2020

Remember to be vigilant against scams attempting to take advantage of the Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic. See the attachment from PSP of current scams that are circulating.