Welcome from Chief Stauffer

Welcome to the Manheim Borough Police Department's web portal on the CRIMEWATCH Network. We ask that you use the information found on this site responsibly. Working in partnership with the community we can proactively prevent crime, support victim recovery and hold offenders accountable.

The Manheim Borough Police Department’s history and mission statement demands the highest quality law enforcement services possible while maintaining the safety and security of our residents.  We strive to maintain a professional and positive organizational culture.  We take pride in our commitment to duty and integrity.  All our members believe in the Manheim community and work tirelessly, putting themselves at risk, to ensure all our community members are safe and receive justice when they fall victim.

Manheim Borough and Rapho Township are flourishing and growing areas which continue to evolve and change in a good way.  Our communities are full of hard working people who steadfastly support us.  As an agency, we help achieve community goals by being fiscally responsible through cost control, using detailed strategic plans and being one of the most pro-active agencies in Lancaster County.

We continue our community engagements with a delivery model that includes several events throughout the year outlined in this report.  We are successful because our doors are always open to the public and we place the community first.  We place ourselves in community activities, so priorities can be discussed and are always mutual.

I am personally very proud of the work our staff and officers accomplish year after year.   This commitment details our officers integrity, pro-activeness and responsiveness.  As a police chief, my goal is to build leaders.  I believe all of our employees are empowered to be leaders and have proven their commitment time and time again.

It has been my absolute pleasure serving this community for the past 22 years and I take pride that it continues to be a very safe and tight-knit place to live and work.

Joseph C. Stauffer, Chief of Police