Chief's Message

Hello, and welcome to our Crime Watch page!  

The Manheim Borough Police Department’s history and mission statement demands the highest quality law enforcement services possible while maintaining the safety and security of our residents.  We strive to maintain a professional and positive organizational culture.  We take pride in our commitment to duty and integrity.  All our members believe in the Manheim community and work tirelessly, putting themselves at risk, to ensure all our community members are safe and receive justice when they fall victim.

Manheim Borough and Rapho Township enjoy flourishing and growing communities which continue to evolve and change in a good way.  Our citizens have a strong work ethic and support our police officers with steadfast pride.  As an agency, we help achieve community goals by being fiscally responsible through cost control, using detailed strategic plans and being one of the most pro-active agencies in Lancaster County.

We continue our community engagements with a delivery model that includes several events throughout the year.  We are successful because our doors are always open to the public and we place the community first.  We place ourselves in community activities, so priorities can be discussed and are always mutual.

I am personally very proud of the work our staff and officers have accomplished over the years.  As a Chief, my goal is create leaders, not followers.  I believe all our members are leaders.  Their pride in our department details their integrity, pro-activeness, responsiveness and commitment.

It has been my absolute pleasure serving this community for the past 22 years and I take pride that it continues to be a very safe and tight-knit place to live and work.


Chief Joseph C. Stauffer


Chief Stauffer began his career in Law Enforcement in Hagerstown City, Maryland.  Prior to that, he received a Bachelors of Art in Criminal Justice from Alvernia University and worked at the Lancaster County Prison as a Correctional Officer.  Chief Stauffer has been a Police Officer since 1995 and began his service to Manheim Borough in 1998.  In 2001, Officer Stauffer was honored by the Lancaster County Chiefs of Police Association as the Lancaster County Officer Of The Year.  In 2010, he became Chief of Police.  Throughout his career, he has served in different capacities including drug enforcement and DUI intervention as well as a child abuse investigator.  Prior to accepting the Chief role, he served as one of the Police Department’s firearms instructors, the BAC Datamaster Supervisor and the TAC Officer.  He was also nominated as a DUI “top gun” numerous times throughout his tenure as a Patrol Officer.

Chief Stauffer remains committed to the safety and protection of the citizens of Manheim Borough and Rapho Township and has a strong commitment to it’s youth.  His focus is effective, proactive and professional police services with a strong victim advocacy mindset.

“I have always held a strong desire to help those in need.  I believe that law enforcement officers around the world collectively share this trait.  Law enforcement is a very honorable duty, and with it comes great responsibility.  I strive for thought driven and strong leadership in combination with professional, educated and dedicated employees.  As an agency we evolve through continuous training and the partnerships with our community.  It is my belief while acting in a transparent fashion we can enforce the law impartially, while using common sense.  It is my sworn duty to uphold the laws of this Commonwealth and provide the best quality police services possible while being fiscally responsible for the community stakeholders.  It has been and will continue to be an honor serving this community.”
– Chief Joseph C. Stauffer