Three LBPD Officers Complete First Line Leadership and Supervision Training

LITITZ BOROUGH - Three LBPD patrol officers completed First Line Leadership and Supervision Training offered by the Law Enforcement Innovation Center, Institute for Public Service.

This course included education in the role of a supervisor, communication in leadership, effective performance counseling, and ethics in decision making. The officers' successful completion of this course reinforces the LBPD's commitment to agency succession planning and sets a strong foundation for the continuity of agency leadership for the next generation of officers.

The 2015 President's Task Force on 21st Century Policing, 5.3 Recommendation says, "Standards and programs need to be established for every level of leadership from the first line to middle management and executive leadership." The LBPD congratulates the officers on successful completion of this program.

This training was grant funded by the COPS office.

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