Snow Emergency Routes Established


At the September 2017 Lititz Borough Council meeting, Council passed a Snow Emergency Procedure and Route ordinance.

Whenever a snow emergency is declared, the snow emergency routes will go into effect.  Upon going into effect, residents must remove their parked vehicles from the routes within 4 hours of the declaration going into effect.  The parking restrictions will remain in effect until the snow emergency has been lifted.

The following roadways have been posted as a snow emergency route and will be affected by a declaration:

  1. Entire distance of North Broad Street (SR0501)
  2. Entire distance of South Broad Street (SR0501)
  3. Entire distance of East Main Street (SR0772)
  4. Entire distance of West Orange Street (SR0772)
  5. Entire distance of North Water Street (SR1035)
  6. Entire distance of East Orange Street
  7. Entire distance of West Lemon Street
  8. Entire distance of East Second Avenue
  9. Entire distance of South Oak Street
  10. West Second Avenue (between West Orange Street and West Lemon Street)
  11. East Front Street (between North Broad Street and North Water Street)
  12. North Lane (between North Water Street and Warwick Ambulance parking lot).

The following parking lots will be made available to residents to park during a snow emergency declaration:

  1. Warwick Community Ambulance Association, 151 North Lane.
  2. St. Paul’s Church, 200 West Orange Street.
  3. Lititz Church of the Brethren, 300 West Orange Street.
  4. Pierson Playground, South Cedar Street.
  5. St. Luke’s Church, 222 North Broad Street.

In event of a snow emergency declaration, the LBPD will communicate said declaration via this website to provide notification.


- Letter to affected residents.

- Snow emergency routes map.