Small Acts of Kindness can have Big Impacts

LITITZ BOROUGH - Small acts of kindness can have big impacts.

On 11/20/2020 around 5:30 PM, someone turned-in a small purse they found in town.  The purse contained over $200 in cash and the bank card of the owner.  The LBPD was able to identify, contact and return to the purse to the owner.  The owner, who had been Downtown supporting a local restaurant, had lost her purse after the visit to the eatery.  Thankfully, the good Samaritan returned the purse with the bank card and $200 cash left inside!  Needless to say, the cash and bank card could have been a very opportunistic steal for someone if they had that intention.

While stories like this do not always have a happy outcome, many times they do.  We here at the LBPD are fortunate enough to be able to see these positive outcomes and play a role in facilitating them.  Although this is just one individual example, it is symbolic of a larger phenomenon when a community is engaged and works in coordination with their police department to co-produce public safety and positive community outcomes.

We are sharing this, in part, due to the timing ahead of the Thanksgiving holiday.  We take it as a reminder of the general goodwill of the Lititz Community and how fortunate and thankful we are to serve such a great community!