Lititz Borough Police Launch Autism Awareness Patch Campaign




March 15, 2022 – Lititz, PA – The Lititz Borough Police Department (LBPD) in partnership with the Arc Lancaster Lebanon is proud to announce that we will be launching our first Autism Awareness Patch campaign.  This public awareness campaign is designed to bring attention to Autism and to support local residents through our partnership with the Arc Lancaster Lebanon.  The money raised will benefit the Arc in their mission to assists people with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (I/DD) and Autism and their families to navigate an often complex system by coming alongside and asking what makes a meaningful life and help identify what is needed to make that life happen.   

The LBPD launched this campaign after years of success with our Pink Patch Project.  The goal of this initiative to help bring acceptance and awareness through a colorful puzzle inspired LBPD Autism Patch.

This limited edition LBPD Autism Patch was designed to celebrate the human puzzle.  People with Autism are not missing something or a mystery to be solved, they are part of the human puzzle, just like everyone else.  The multiple shapes and colors show that everyone is unique and different but we all fit together. 

The LBPD believes in the worth of every person, which is why we have partnered with the Arc Lancaster Lebanon because of their pursuit to show that a person with a disability has value and equal worth, and it benefits our community when people with disabilities are included.

During the month of April, LBPD Officers that fulfill the donation requirement will be wearing Autism Patches on their regular police uniforms to stimulate conversation with the community and to encourage discussion with the public about the importance of acceptance. 

The LBPD will be selling these commemorative Autism patches, while supplies last, with all of the proceeds going to the Arc Lancaster Lebanon in their ongoing efforts to counter the stigma that people with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (I/DD) and Autism come upon daily and help overcome barriers to inclusion and achievement. 

Patches will be available in our lobby, online and at numerous community events.  Patches will be sold online for $11 or they can be purchased in person for $10.   To order your patches online click the link here or navigate to the Patch Store on