LBPD social distance egg hunt is back

We introduced our first ever Social Distance Egg Hunt in 2020 and since 2021 seems eerily similar we've decided to bring it back.

If you have no idea what we're talking about with this Social Distance Egg Hunt, think back to the before times (2019) when you were rushing to get the whippersnappers out the door after they couldn't find matching shoes to get to Bonfield Elementary, wade through the traffic, find a parking space, survive the horde of people, then find their appropriate age category only to realize that your whippersnappers are in separate areas as you try to figure out how to watch all of them participate in an event that takes seconds at exactly 10am, only to diffuse the inevitably "they got more eggs than me" comments.  (The before times were 😜) Our social distance egg hunt is exactly like that, only totally different. 

For our second ever social distance egg hunt members of the LBPD will be hiding small wooden eggs throughout the Borough for the kiddos to “find.” Notice how the word “find” in in quotations marks? Well we did that because in keeping with the current climate and while maintaining a proper physical distance the kiddos will “find” the eggs while on walks around your neighborhood. The whippersnappers will then stand near the egg to have their picture taken, no touching. Then send us the picture on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter along with their name in a DM or PM or whatever other M there is that is private. 

Then on Saturday April 3rd members of the LBPD along with our newest Officer, Officer E. Bunny will hand out special gifts to first 500 kiddos that enter.  Entries MUST be received by 8pm on Wednesday March 31st. We'll release more information later about how that will work.

How many LBPD eggs do they have to find....................??? Just one, eins, un, yī, uno, ett, yep that's it! This is not an event to where you have to find all the eggs. This is just something to do while you’re out as a family on a walk around town, but that doesn't mean you can't make it a family adventure and see how many you can find 😉.  We just ask that everyone follows the Governor’s / CDC's guidelines and stay healthy.  

What if someone already found the egg that my kiddo found? No worries! This isn’t a competition where everyone scrambles to collect the most eggs in the least amount of time. Eggs can be found multiple times, we just ask for one entry per whippersnapper.  (Yes multiple whippersnappers from the same family can be pictured together and yes each kiddo will get a gift) And since we’re talking about the eggs, please don’t pick up the eggs and re-hide them, we know they’re cool looking but we want this to be something the entire town can enjoy, plus we said, NO TOUCHING. Just pretend the eggs are your super cool drum set and your talking to your stepbrother.   

Ok where do we find these eggs? There will be 3 eggs in each of the four quadrants on the map of the Borough. The eggs will be able to be seen without going onto private property and without leaving the sidewalks/walking areas, so please don't venture onto private property.  

What do the eggs look like?  Scroll through the pictures, the eggs will look just like that in real-life only 3D.

The eggs will be hidden by March 24th and you will have seven days to look for them, so don’t everyone rush out of your houses at the same time and don't go looking for the eggs today, today is not March 24th.  Don't worry we'll make sure to remind everyone when the eggs are hidden.  

Remember to maintain your physical distance, no touchy, wash your hands, stay positive, have fun, and wash your hands.