LBPD to Resume Seasonal Bike Patrol Operations

LITITZ BOROUGH - The LBPD will be resuming the seasonal operation of the LBPD bike patrol team. As a result, residences can expect to see bike officers during the course of their daily duties. Officers on the bike team will be periodically assigned to patrol the downtown business district, residential neighborhoods and the park and trail systems. In addition to officer health and wellness, some other benefits of the LBPD bike patrol team include:

  • Bike officers are generally more approachable on a bike than in a car. This can lead to receiving information, concerns and complaints from citizens that might not otherwise have been received.
  • Bike officers can more-easily transition from a traditional law enforcement role to a service-oriented role, which is in furtherance of the LBPD's community-oriented policing priority and service delivery model.
  • Bike officers are in a better position to discover and interrupt crimes in-progress than officers in a patrol car.
  • Bike officers can better utilize their senses (sight, hearing and smell) to lead them to areas where crimes are being committed.
  • Bikes cost much less to purchase and maintain than a patrol car and there is also a fuel savings cost realized.
  • Bikes provide environmental benefits as they have a much smaller carbon footprint.
  • Bike officers can access areas where patrol cars customarily cannot.

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