LBPD Releases FY2022 Annual Accountability Reporting

LITITZ BOROUGH - The LBPD has released the FY2022 Annual Accountability Reporting. The report was debuted at the February 28, 2023 Lititz Borough Council meeting, but is available for instant public access and review as an attachment to this post. Additionally, the report is available in the annual report repository located on

The LBPD encourages the Lititz Community to review our annual report. The objectives of the annual report are:

  1. Communicate our vision and commitments to the public and our stakeholders;
  2. Recognize the significant achievements of our staff;
  3. Demonstrate our ability to deliver on our promises;
  4. Build confidence and satisfaction in the partnerships that are being created with community groups, industry, business and government agencies;
  5. Report our performance in delivering our strategic priorities and other key achievements;
  6. Demonstrate our commitment to accountable and transparent law enforcement;
  7. Meet the statutory requirements in accordance with state and federal laws.

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