LBPD Now Accepting Online Report Submissions


Please note that on 03/18/2020 the LBPD has started accepting reports of minor crime and other incidents online through the CRIMEWATCH Technology platform.  It should be stressed however that this is only appropriate for incidents that are NOT in-progress or an emergency.  If you need an immediate response by an officer, or the incident is an emergency, please call 911.  This online reporting venue should only be used for incidents which are minor, pose no danger to a person's safety and have previously occurred. 

Once your submit your report, a member of the LBPD will contact you to discuss the report.

We are offering this venue as an alternate means to receive citizen reports.  In part, to mitigate exposure risk from the COVID-19, but also in recognition that in some instances, it is more convenient for people to utilize this type of reporting.  Online reporting has proven successful in other areas and the LBPD remains committed to open lines of two-way communication in alternative ways to encourage reporting of incidents.

Please click here to access our online reporting venue.

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