Arrest - Public Drunkenness


The LBPD patrol function has filed a summary non-traffic citation against Judd A. GRUMBRECHT, age 48, of Lititz, alleging the crime of Public Drunkenness.

On 12/23/2018 at 2:37 AM, GRUMBRECHT approached LBPD officers while on a traffic stop in the 000 Block North Broad Street (SR0501).  GRUMBRECHT was walking down the sidewalk and had no connection to the traffic stop or the occupants inside.  After approaching the traffic stop, GRUMBRECHT began interfering with the traffic stop and interfering with the officers.  GRUMBRECHT is alleged to have been manifestly under the influence of alcohol during this course of conduct.  GRUMBRECHT ignored multiple warnings and commands to leave or face arrest before he was eventually taken into custody.  GRUMBRECHT was transported home and released.  GRUMBRECHT has been summoned to appear in District Court.

GRUMBRECHT is presumed innocent.