What should I do if I get a Traffic Ticket?

If you get a traffic ticket you have a few options.  One thing you should do is read the back of the citation, which will explain all of your rights and obligations along with how to respond to the citation by mail.  You will then have to decide if you are pleading guilty of not guilty.  If you pled not guilty the District Court will schedule your case for a summary trial to be heard at the District Court office.  At the trial you, the Officer and any witnesses will be given the opportunity to testify.  You will also have the opportunity to question the Police Officer about the citation.  At the end of the trial the District Judge will then make a determination as your guilt or innocence.  If you pled guilty you will then need to pay the sum of the citation to the District Court Office. The Police Department does NOT accept payments for citations.  Payment plans may be available but are not a guarantee. Requests for payment plans will need to go through the District Judge.

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Our local District Court covers Lititz Borough, Warwick Township, Elizabeth Township and West Earl Township.