What should I do if I get a Parking Ticket?

If you get a parking ticket you have two options.  You can dispute the ticket by filling out a “Parking Ticket Dispute” form.  That form is available at the Lititz Borough Police Station Monday through Friday 7am to 6pm or a downloadable PDF form is available below.  The form will be given to the Police Officer who wrote the ticket.  The Officer will then decide whether or not to void the ticket.  The Officer may contact you to speak with you about the dispute.  The second option is to pay the ticket.  The ticket can be paid by dropping off the envelope at the Police Station or in the mail slot on the inside door of the Borough Office.  If a parking ticket is not disputed or paid the Officer will file a citation with the District Court for failure to make payment.  This will increase the amount of the ticket. 

Click here for the Parking Dispute Form