Cruelty to Animals



The LBPD filed a non-traffic citation against Kristin Lee BASFORD (40) of Harrison Township, MI for Cruelty to Animals.  On 07/24/2017, around 4:51 PM, officers responded to the 000 Block East Main Street (SR0772) for a complaint about three dogs left inside a vehicle unattended.  Officers arrived and found the three dogs inside the vehicle panting heavily.  The outside air temperature approximately 90 degrees F, with the inside air temperature much hotter.  The dogs were estimated to be inside the vehicle for approximately one hour before officers used a tool to overcome the vehicle door locks and open the vehicle.  The officers took protective custody of the dogs while they searched for the owner.  The owner of the dog was eventually located and the dogs were released back into her custody.  BASFORD has been summoned into District Court.

BASFORD is presumed innocent.

Monday, July 24, 2017

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