Use of Chemical Agents at Lancaster Bureau of Police station 9/14/2020

Supplemental Press Release

Use of Chemical Agents at Lancaster Bureau of Police Station 9/14/2020

In the wake of the Officer Involved Shooting on 300 blk. Laurel St. (prior update can be found here: ) protestors gathered outside the station.

A group in excess of 100 protestors gathered on the access ramp on the west side of the station. The group moved further up the ramp and locked arms in a line.

A public address system was used to provide several warnings that if the group did not move from the ramp that chemical munitions would be deployed.

The group failed to follow the instructions and chemical agents were used to disperse the crowd.  Members of the crowd damaged a county vehicle parked in the front of the police station.   Bricks were thrown through the front of the police station and into the post office window.   

People on the ramp, W. Chestnut St. and the park adjacent to the station threw water bottles, glass bottles, rocks, bricks, gallon jugs of liquids and parts of plastic road barricades at Officers. OC spray was also deployed at protestors that refused to move from the ramp and were physically challenging Officers that were moving to clear people from the ramp.

As of time of this release, protestors are still gathered outside the station and have thrown traffic barricades, large planters and trash receptacles across the ramp. Protestors have also damaged a County of Lancaster vehicle parked on W. Chestnut St.

We are asking people to avoid the area surrounding the police station.