Police Station Limited Access Protocols March 2020 ***updated 3/17/2020***


In an effort to protect our staff from potential exposures under the current conditions we have instituted the following precautions:

-We have suspended processing employment fingerprints

-If you are suffering from flu like symptoms or any of the symptoms associated with the Corona Virus/Covid-19 do not come into the police station.

-Officers will be handling more calls via phone to reduce the chance of exposure.

-For calls at a residence or business they may ask you to step outside in order to speak with you.

-If you are self quarantined or suffering from above symptoms and need emergency services please tell dispatchers so emergency responders can take proper precautions.

-Please do not be offended if responders arrive wearing personal protective equipment.

*****Updated Information 3/17/2020*****

Walk-ins for the Records Section 

Beginning Immediately and Indefinitely 

17 March 2020 

-Civilian Personnel seeking Verification Letters, copies of Crash reports etc., will not be allowed beyond the lobby of the Police Station. 

-Civilian Personnel should be directed to make such requests via mail. 

Mail a self-addressed, stamped envelope, along with a check or money order to: 

Attn: Records Division 

Lancaster City Police 

39 W. Chestnut St. 

Lancaster, PA 17603 

Checks should be made out to: City of Lancaster 

Fees: $15.00 for Verification Letters 

$15.00 for Crash Reports

For additional information and updates on the COVID-19 Corona Virus in Pennsylvania and the United States you can go to the Centers For Disease Control at www.cdc.gov and the PA Department of Health at www.health.pa.gov