Criminal Mischief to trees on 500 blk. N. Charlotte St. 2/21/2019

*****UPDATED INFORMATION 3/1/2019*****

The males that were responsible for the damage to the trees have been identified through the efforts of Franklin & Marshall College Public Safety Office. 

The private property management company/ owner, the victim in this case, has declined to seek criminal prosecution and is seeking restitution from those responsible through civil channels. 

No prosecution is being filed by Lancaster Bureau of Police and no names are being released by our agency. 


On Monday 2/25/2019 the Lancaster Bureau of Police had multiple inquiries from the news media about a video that had been posted on a social media site. The private surveillance video reportedly depicted (2) males damaging trees planted along the 500 blk. N. Charlotte St. 

The incident occurred on 2/21/2019 and had not been reported to the Police by 2/25/2019. Off. Karson Arnold contacted the City Arborist to determine the owner of the trees. The City Arborist reported that the trees had been planted for a property owner during a reconstruction project in the Fall 2018. The estimated value of the trees at that time was approximately $1,300.00

Off. Arnold has been in contact with Public Safety at Franklin & Marshall College in an attempt to identify the suspects shown in the surveillance video. Off. Arnold has also been in contact with the property management company that oversees the property involved in the incident to determine their wishes for prosecution once the suspects have been identified. 

No charges have been filed as of the time of this release.