Wanted Persons from Illicit Narcotics Sales

Feb 23rd, 2023

The Selective Enforcement Unit of the Lancaster Bureau of Police is a pro-active unit that supplements the patrol and investigative divisions.  One of the main areas of focus is the on-going sales of illegal narcotics. 

As a result of numerous investigations throughout 2022, the Selective Enforcement Unit was able to seize the following amounts of illegal narcotics:

  • Heroin / Fentanyl   38.82 grams   with a street value of $12,940
  • Cocaine      342.1 grams  with a street value of $34,210
  • Marijuana     480.3 grams  with a street value of $4803
  • Synthetic Marijuana (K2)    98 grams   with a street value of $980
  • Methamphetamines    42.5 grams with a street value of $4250

The Selective Enforcement Unit was also able to seize 16 illegally possessed firearms.

During the numerous investigations in 2022, a total of 868 Felony and 111 Misdemeanor charges were filed.  As a result, the attached individuals are still wanted on outstanding arrest warrants.

Any persons with knowledge regarding the whereabouts of the below wanted subjects are encouraged to call 717 735-3300. Information can be provided anonymously. All persons accused of a crime are presumed innocent. 

Jerry James - Delivery of Cocaine

Efrain Torres-Santiago - Delivery of Cocaine

Davonte Butts - Possession With Intent To Deliver (PWID) Cocaine and Fentanyl

Raymond Lewis - Delivery of Crack Cocaine

Carmelo Maysonet - Delivery of Methamphetamines 

Randy Figueroa-Torres - Delivery of Crack Cocaine, Heroin, and K2

James Hall - Delivery of Heroin/Fentanyl

Yusleydy Aguilera-Ponce - Delivery of Fentanyl

Michael Crenshaw - Delivery of Cocaine

Junior Rivera - PWID Heroin/Fentanyl

Sean Renshaw - Delivery of Heroin/Fentanyl

Taylor Hurley - Delivery of Fentanyl and Marijuana

William Skethway - Delivery of Cocaine

Luis Ortiz-Rivera - Delivery of Heroin/Fentanyl

Kevin Ream - Delivery of Marijuana

Fabiola Castillo-Daza - Delivery of Heroin/Fentanyl 

Carlos Valentin - Delivery of Marijuana

Rodney Hogue - Delivery of Heroin and Crack Cocaine

Dion Smith - Delivery of Ecstasy

Jeffrey Maye - Delivery of Crack Cocaine

Aries Morales - Delivery of Heroin

Alexander Torres-Melendez - Delivery of Heroin

Jose Gonzalez - Delivery of Heroin

Richard Montalvo-Matos - Delivery of Heroin

John Candelario-Ramos - Delivery of Heroin

Steven Lopez-Vega - Delivery of K2

Brian Bair - Delivery of Cocaine

Edwin Rentas - Delivery of Heroin

Osvaldo Felix - Delivery of Heroin

George McClain - Delivery of Crack Cocaine


39 W. Chestnut St.
Lancaster, PA 17603


Feb 23, 2023

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Drugs / Narcotics Violation

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